Our Vision

  • We are local people, working with local business to grow the wealth of the local economy and support the Humber region to become a global player in the renewables sector.
  • We build long-term relationships with customer, business and government organisations based on trust, integrity, reliability, commitment and reputation.
  • Customer intimacy is a key part of EDG. We will know, in detail, the people intrinsically involved with each business, and that business’ capabilities, strategy, needs, experience, history and vision.
  • We provide integrated and agile supply chain services and solutions to the higher tier companies to simplify their overall supply chain management and provide management at the local level.
  • Our “shared learning” ethos means we continually improve our products, services and solutions and pass on these benefits to our customers to build and maintain long term partnerships.
  • We provide an agile commercial framework and modern contracting/pricing options to meet the customer’s demands and support the growth of local business.